Areas of Need

Opportunities for support include all areas of our university community. Your support of these areas is critical to the success of our university and students.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships provide a human element to private philanthropy. The recipients of scholarships and fellowships are among our most accomplished students.


Outstanding faculty inspire students, enhance academic programs and serve as a key element to institutional greatness. Endowed chairs, eminent scholars and distinguished visiting professors are prestigious academic positions held by our most qualified faculty. Providing private support for these positions ensures academic excellence will continue to grow.

Program Support

Support for research projects and innovative programs are at the heart of the UCF learning experience. Curriculum development, internships, interdisciplinary work, research opportunities and academic enrichment all require private support.


Over the last 40 years, UCF has grown to meet the needs of a growing student population. The quality of our facilities is enhanced by private contributions. From the Rosen College of Hospitality Management to the laboratories of the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences to the Robinson Observatory and the Nicholson School of Communication, each facility fulfills a unique purpose that helps to provide students the complete university experience.


Research is conducted on an individual and collaborative basis by faculty who focus on particular areas of academic discipline. UCF has numerous nationally and internationally recognized research institutes devoted to innovative research and development.Contributions to research help develop strategies that have universal applications and result in outcomes that improve human life.

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